Do you regularly attend Caravan Worship?

Caravan Worship is a unique movement, within the context of a larger established church, intent on displaying the life and light of Jesus in our community and city in relevant and life-giving ways.

We are called Caravan because we want to be a people on the move together. Headed somewhere together. Stepping out. Stepping toward. Stepping with.

Come on in. Hop on board. God is on the move. Together we are moved by Him.

The Caravan Worship gathering most often meets in the Harpeth Hills Gym on Sunday mornings at 10:45am.


Want to visit with us on a Sunday? Register here and we’ll host you for the day.


Caravan Worship is just that, worship, in its various forms.

It is a Sunday morning gathering.

It is music and singing. The kind that erupts in praise to the Triune God.

It is sacramental. Breaking bread. Drinking the cup of Christ. Baptizing.

It is sacrificial. Carefully considering and responding to the needs of others above our own.

It is missional. Stepping toward the needs of those inside and outside of our church family.

Caravan is a safe place for those who are hurting.

Caravan is a fresh start for those who have given up on church.

Caravan is a family for those who thought that they would never be welcome in a church.

Caravan is a place of learning for those who want to know more about Jesus.

Caravan is a place of transformation for those intent on being more like Jesus.

Caravan is a place of discipleship for those who would follow Jesus wherever He would lead.

Caravan is place of encounter with a living God.

Caravan is collaborative. It is a collection of people working from within and alongside their larger church gathering for the sake of showing and telling the good news about a gracious God. It is a partnership with other local churches and ministries for the sake of helping and healing. More than anything Caravan is a cooperation with the movement of God by His Spirit in the specific contexts of our own community and our larger city. We believe God is already powerfully at work and we seek to offer ourselves as willing participants in his unfolding story.