$75 (non-refundable) Registration Fee per family, due with application. Tuition may be paid monthly or annually.

Supply Fee: $75 (all students)
School Bag (new students only): $20
Two-Day Toddlers & 2s (Tu/Th): $2,520 annually/$280 per month.
Two-Day 3s (Tu/Th): $2,700 annually/$300 per month.
Three-Day 3s (Tu/W/Th): $3,465 annually/$385 per month.
PreK 4s & 5s (Tu/W/Th): $3,510 annually/$390 per month.
Four-Day PreK 4s & 5s (M-Th): $4,410 annually/$490 per month


The school year is September through May. The school day is 9am–2m on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with an optional STEAM Monday for PreK 4s & 5s.

After Care is available from 2–3pm for 3s, 4s & 5s classes. All children in a 3s Class and above must be potty-trained prior to the first day of school. Class options are subject to change based on number of children enrolled. All children enrolled in HHPS must be walking (unassisted) prior to the first day of school.