It helps to know someone.

We’ve provided this page for one reason: to give you first points of contact if you need them. We don’t expect you to memorize our names, of course. But, hopefully we’ve taken some of the awkwardness out of that first (or third) visit by simply introducing ourselves. We look forward to seeing you soon.

The elders and their wives are the spiritual guides of our congregation. They’re chosen by the congregation for who they are and based on certain sections of the Bible that detail leadership qualities essential for this role.


While we rely on volunteers certain aspects of our work require ongoing attention. Full and part-time ministers and staff guide daily operations.


Jim Anderson
Ashley Bradley
Devin Clark
Kinsley Crothers
Julie Fletcher
Page Harper
Teresa Green
Kim Hill
LuciAnn Helms
Lacy Janssen
Robert King
John Kennedy
Janice Mankin
Steve McDaniel
Helen Newton
Ayesha Nasmyth
Teresa Norris
Jason Pagel
Jennifer Pagel
Jessica Pagel
Hayden Parrish
Julie Reagan
Melissa Roe
Phyllis Smelser
Alice Clark-Smith
Chris Smith
Kathy Steakley
Jessica Steen
Jason Thompson
Jane Travis
James Vandiver

Our deacons are selected based on Biblical criteria as well as their passions and talents. They serve three-year terms and are responsible for mobilizing people in specific ministry areas.

Our deacons are David Ackerman (Worship), Harold Brewer (Older Adults), Jamie Burton (Youth Ministry), Mike Bush (Arts & Technology), Henry Cho (Church Life), Steve Davidson (Global Missions), Phil Ellenburg (Finance & Administration), Zach Baldwin (Domestic Missions), Steve Grizzle (Singles Ministry), Kevin Hopkins (Family Life Ministry), Dan Jordan (Community Outreach), Trent Latta (Children’s Ministry), Eddie Sexton (Membership) and Gary Waller, Jr. (Youth Ministry).