Community Groups


If you would like to lead a community group or have any questions, contact Becca Smith

Community Group signups for Spring 2024 are now open:

Why Do We Need Community Groups?

Our world is growing more and more isolated. Sadly, churches are not immune to loneliness and lack of relationship connection. Barna Group completed a study of the Greater Nashville area and found that only one in three church attendees is satisfied with their relationships. Almost every one of us desires more than simply a program or another activity that hovers on the surface of life. We need more. We are created for Christ-centered, purposeful relationships with depth and meaning.

What are the three pillars of Community Groups?

  1. Sharing the welcoming presence of Jesus
  2. Engaging with Scripture by the help of the Holy Spirit
  3. Building purposeful relationships


What will Groups Look Like?

Shared Leadership – We’d like each group to have two leaders sharing responsibility. This allows for group consistency when one leader is unable to attend. 

Geographically Intentional – Harpeth Hills membership is spread broadly across the region. Providing opportunities across the region will allow members to develop relationships with neighbors and reduce the burden of travel. 

Age Diverse – There is incredible value in sharing and studying with individuals of different ages. Shared wisdom and mentorship opportunities are a blessing to all who participate. 


What will a meeting time look like?


Approximately one hour of focused discussion. Some groups may choose to have a meal in addition to this discussion time.


Introduction and icebreaker (10-15 minutes)

Preparation for time in the Word (5 minutes)

Time with Scripture (20-30 minutes)

Prayer for each household (10-15 minutes)

Closing blessing (5 minutes)

Training will be provided for Group Leaders to experience the flow of these meetings and the practices of engaging Scripture before the groups begin.


What will be required of group leaders?

We ask you to be an example of the three pillars. We will provide training and weekly resources to make the leadership of your group as light a load as possible. Your primary responsibility will be facilitating the discussion and keeping track of the time each week. These groups will not require the preparation of a weekly lesson plan or hours spent scouring commentaries and scholarly literature.


What about the kids?

The curriculum is designed specifically to engage both adults and children. For very young children, we encourage you to provide a few toys but include them as a part of your discussion time if possible. It will be up to the group leaders to decide how many children their home can hold and the best way to care for the youngest children.