Harpeth Hills is led by a group of elders. These men provide overall direction for the congregation. They make big decisions while delegating many others to the ministers and staff. We often refer to our elders as shepherds because their primary goal is to watch over the flock. Our elders provide pastoral care, visit funeral homes and hospitals, and frequently pray with people in need. These men truly care about the wellbeing of every member at Harpeth Hills.

Our Elders

Dave & Peggy Aston

Paul & Janet Cates

Ted & Kathy Clark

Phil & Leigh Ellenburg

Stan & LeEllen Ezell

Stuart & Melissa Fraser

Randy & Debbie Gott

Bart & Allison Harper

Tom & Linda Henderson

Dana & Lacy Janssen

Bill & Lenn Prady

John & Janet Slayden

David & Rita Solomon

Hyatt & Jodi Sutton