Welcome to Harpeth Hills! We are thankful for your presence and would love to get to know you. Please fill out our online Connect form below and come by the Welcome Center where we are ready to greet you.


Thank you for being with us. We are thankful for your presence. Our connections ministry team wants to meet you and be available to answer any questions you have. We will be in touch!

Guest Info

Welcome Centers

Guests are encouraged to stop by one of our Welcome Centers. We would love to meet you and give you a gift for being with us.

Worship Gatherings

During our Sunday 8:30am Worship Gathering, we are led by an a cappella praise team. This style of worship is part of our Church of Christ heritage. This worship gathering meets in the Auditorium. Enter through the front doors at the columned porch facing Old Hickory Blvd.

During our Sunday 10:45am Worship Gathering, we are led by an instrumental praise band. This worship gathering meets in the Gym. Enter through the glass doors under the Brown Awning.



We celebrate the Lord’s Supper (communion) each week during worship. Everyone is invited to participate. There are prepared communion cups available as you enter the Auditorium or Gym.


Sunday Bible Classes

There are Bible classes for all ages at 9:45am.

Birth – Kindergarten. All children need to be registered at the Children’s Check-In on the First Floor near the entrance under the Brown Awning. Children and their parent/guardian will receive identification stickers. For security precautions, when picking up your child at their classroom door, you must present your sticker.

1st Grade -6th Grade: If this is your child’s first time to come to class, they can come to the Children’s Check-In on the First Floor near the entrance under the Brown Awning. The hosts can help your child find their classroom on the Third Floor. When class is dismissed, children are escorted to the Children’s Check-In area to meet their parents.

7th-12th grade: The youth group meets in the Youth Center found on the east side of the Gym.

Adults: You will find a list of classes here and at the Welcome Centers. The Welcome Center hosts can assist you in choosing a class and finding the classroom.


Nursery and Children’s Worship

We love having children of all ages participate in the worship gatherings. However, an attended nursery is available for infants and toddlers all year long when needed.  During the school year, children three years – Kindergarten are invited to participate in a separate Children’s Worship. Visit the Children’s Check-In on the First Floor near the entrance under the Brown Awning to register your child for the nursery or Children’s Worship. You will not need to pick up your children between worship and class. The teachers will make sure that your child moves from children’s worship to class or vice versa. The Welcome Center hosts or greeters at the entrances will be happy to assist you to find the Children’s Check-In.


Nursing Mom’s Room

We have a room dedicated to nursing mothers. Please go to the Children’s Check-In for more information.