The Christian life is one rooted and established in love, empowered by the Holy Spirit. One way we nurture those roots is by promoting spiritual maturity and community through Bible classes. Our classes provide a balance of Bible studies along with life application lessons.

Sundays • 9:45am
January 8 – March 5

Intergenerational Classes
All ages and stages of life are welcome. 

Community Room 3&4
A Few of My Favorite Things (Stan Smith)
There are moments which stir our spirit when deep calls to deep and we feel at one with the Divine. Beginning in Habakkuk and taking our lead from Jeremiah, let’s recall lyric and narrative which foster hope and strengthen our hand in God as we peruse streams of living water flowing from our great God. 

Room 212
Caring for God’s People (Harpeth Hills Shepherds)
The Harpeth Hills shepherds care in big ways for our church family. During these sessions facilitated by Jason Pagel and Jason Thompson, shepherds will share their own personal journeys and the hopes they have for Harpeth Hills. Each class will be different – some will involve individual shepherds, and some will involve their wives as well. 

Room 214
Extraordinary Faith from Ordinary People (Laura Day)
Travel through some of the stories of the “great cloud of witnesses” named in Hebrews chapter 11. We’ll examine how our divine God taps seemingly ordinary people and circumstances to reveal His glory and goodness! 

Conference Room
Family Conversations: Aging Well (Robyn Arab & Ronnie Rummage)
Life is just easier when you plan for the future, including aging. Facilitators and guest speakers will discuss critical conversations, legal questions, caregiving, caring for the caregiver, family conflict resolution, dementia, spiritual needs, funeral planning, and end of life issues. 

Special Focus Classes
All are welcome, but content is geared toward specific age, gender, or stage of life. 

Women’s Class, Tea Room
Encouragement from the Psalms (Donna Ackerman)
We will learn how we can more personally know our Shepherd and be encouraged by God’s great love, provision, and protection toward each of us as expressed in the beautiful poetry of Psalm 23 and other psalms. 

Men’s Class, Library
Paul: His Life & Teaching (various)
The apostle Paul led a dramatic and fascinating life from his conversion on the road to Damascus to his imprisonments to his speeches in the public square. His letters shaped the believers in the early church just as they do today. 

College Class, Room 205
(Stuart & Melissa Fraser and Deron & Becca Smith)
Continuing study from the fall quarter. 

Young Professionals, Room 208
Practicing the Way (Hayden Parrish)
This class aims to create a community of young adults and young professionals who want to journey together to learn to practice the way of Jesus in our contexts – how to be with Jesus, become like Him and do what He did. 

Young Couples, Room 210
Apprentices of a Jewish Rabbi (Monty Joseph)
If we study the Bible more in its ancient Jewish context and observe Jesus interacting with His disciples as a Jewish rabbi would have, we might find it will take us from not only having faith in Jesus but also learning how to live out the faith of Jesus 

Young Families, Community Room 1&2
Ephesians: Our Wealth, Worth, & Walk in Christ (Bill & Lenn Prady)
In a culture questioning individual significance and identity, we will look to Ephesians, and with a variety of voices we will explore our “Wealth, Worth, and Walk in Christ.” 

Families with Teens, Room 215
Wisdom from the Proverbs (Matt Paden & Phil Ellenburg)
Proverbs will set the foundation for topical discussions around family life and raising children. Expect a new class format that encourages discussion and community. 

SALT (Single Adults Living Truth), Room 209
The Chosen (class led)
We will be viewing and discussing episodes from “The Chosen” series about Jesus and his disciples. Class times are expected to run a little longer than is typical. 

Wednesdays• 6:30pm
January 11 – March 8 

February 22 – Ash Wednesday Gathering (no classes) 

Intergenerational, Room 210
The Ten Commandments: Then and Now (Jeff Hammond)
The Ten Commandments are some of the most important texts in Jewish and Christian history. We will consider the background of the Ten Commandments, their implications for Christian ethics and theology, and how they have been appropriated in modern culture. 

Intergenerational, Room 212
Joining Paul’s Evangelistic Journey (John & Randi Baxter)
The places, people, and stories associated with the apostle Paul become tangible and approachable as we adopt a travelogue perspective. We’ll also gain a greater sense of purpose in sharing our faith with others in spite of obstacles and challenges. 

Parents of Young Children & Teens, Room 215
Raising Boys & Girls (Heather Aston, Hannah George, & Hayden Parrish)
We’ll be viewing and discussing the foundational parenting video curriculum from David Thomas and Sissy Goff. We’ll also be sharing ways for adults to help children navigate the world of social media in a positive way. While this class is geared toward parents, anyone in a position of influence over young children or teens (i.e., grandparents, aunts/uncles, teachers) will find this class relevant. 

SALT (Single Adults Living Truth), Room 209
When Bad Things Happen to Good People (class led)
Using the book by Harold Kushner as a guide, this class will be discussing life’s most difficult question: Why do bad things happen to good people?