The Christian life is one rooted and established in love, empowered by the Holy Spirit. One way we nurture those roots is by promoting spiritual maturity and community through Bible classes. Our classes provide a balance of Bible studies along with life application lessons.

Spring Quarter Classes
March 20 – June 5

Sundays • 9:45am

Women’s Class: Cloud of Witnesses • Room 214
Laura Day leads this study through Hebrews 11. Together the class will discover how the spiritual and physical lineage of mankind has been undeniably woven together since the beginning of time. Come explore your own personal relevance and calling in God’s family.

Men’s Class: Becoming More Like Jesus • Room 206
Robert Day leads this study of being transformed into the likeness of Jesus and enjoying a life filled with abundance (John 10:10). This class will examine his walk and lay out practical applications of living the abundant life.

Young Marrieds: Nurturing Faith in a Culture of Doubt • Room 210
Doubt is a universal experience regardless of age or stage of life. What do we do when our close friends, family, children, or spouse express feelings or thoughts of unbelief in God? Ben Baker explores how embracing and confronting doubt instead of hiding or ignoring it can lead to a stronger faith.

SALT: Samuel, A Study of the Heart • Room 209
Nick and Penny Tenpenny lead the SALT (Single Adults Living Truth) Class in a study of I Samuel. We all want to be someone “after God’s own heart, so let’s dig deeper into what types of hearts we see in the book of 1 Samuel. (Brad Arnold will continue teaching through the end of March, finishing out the material on “Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus.”)

Grace in the Wilderness • Community Room 3&4
This intergenerational class is taught by Stan Smith. Life can turn on a dime, and your circumstances may not be anything like you had imagined. In many ways, studying the days of Jeremiah and Ezekiel seems as if we are reading today’s news headlines. Whether during their times or our own, we retain purpose and are not abandoned.

Loving Like Jesus • Room 215
Taught by Monty Joseph, this class is geared toward parents of young families, but is applicable for any adult. Loving as Jesus loves is a tall order even when people love us in return! How do we love as Jesus loves in a world that hates? The Apostle Paul lays out real-life solutions in 1 Corinthians 13, painting a vivid picture of what love is and what it isn’t, what love does and what it doesn’t do.

Christian in a Post-Christian World • Room 212
Taught by Leonard Allen and Rubel Shelly. Churches of Christ have emerged within the “great tradition” of Christian history – while typically denying any debt to either tradition or extra-biblical influences. This class explores the current situation of Restoration churches in the hope of rediscovering and engaging them with classic Christian orthodoxy.

Check-In at Kids’ Koncierge on 1st Floor

1st–6th Grades
3rd Floor

7th-12th Grades
Youth Center

Wednesday Classes
All Ages – 6:30pm

Men’s Small Group: Be Bold • Room 208
This ongoing study, facilitated by Brian Cavitt, looks at how we can and should be bold in a broken world that conflicts with Christian men and the strength of character to which God calls us.

SALT: The Voice of the Heart – A Call to Full Living • Room 209
Jessica and John Blank guest facilitate the SALT (Single Adults Living Truth) Class using the book The Voice of the Heart as a guide to know our hearts so that we better know ourselves and can live fully in relationship with others and, ultimately, with God.

Dwelling in the Word • Room 210
Jennifer Pagel leads this class using the One Year Daily Bible readings from the OT, NT, a Psalm and a Proverb as a guide for discussion. Each week includes a time of shared contemplation and mutual encouragement as you sit together in God’s Word.

Living in Holy Community • Room 212
Rubel Shelly leads this study of 1, 2, & 3 John. Toward the end of the first century, the only apostle still alive wrote three letters. He warned about moving away from the basic truth that God had come in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth. The best hope for his readers in standing against false teachers was to band together in a holy community of obedient faith, active love, and bold confidence. With Christian faith under siege in our time, there are lessons for us in these letters from the Disciple Jesus Loved.

Check-In at Kids’ Koncierge on 1st Floor

1st–6th Grades
3rd Floor

7th-12th Grades
Youth Center

Thursday Bible Study via Zoom

Following the Call – Living the Sermon on the Mount Together • via Zoom
Jesus’ most famous teaching in the Sermon on the Mount possesses an irresistible quality. In weekly group discussions via virtual Zoom calls, we will be working through messages from prophetic voices representing various eras and faith traditions as we seek to address how to put Jesus’ most central teachings into practice. Anyone interested in this study can reach out to Nancy Cornwell ( for the Zoom link.