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We support mission works on all inhabited continents. Some works employ the skills of indigenous workers while other mission points benefit from foreign missionaries responding to His call. We also offer support to our church family and friends who are called to short-term missions where they can not only serve those in need, but encourage and commune with their brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe.





Honduras: Moises Chino

I serve in the Iglesia Misionera de Cristo at El Pedregal, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America.  The IMC churches’ ministry is addressed mainly to the poor.  We try as much as we can to replicate Jesus’ ministry to the poor as recorded in Matthew 4:23.  Our local church, located on the main road of El Pedregal area in Tegucigalpa congregates an average of 300 members to its Sunday morning worship service.  Over the years we have planted daughter churches in rural communities near Tegucigalpa such as Yaguacire, Villeda Morales, and Malalaja.

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Thailand: Patinya Thitathan

Patinya is a native of Bangkok, Thailand.  He and his wife Penjai have been married for over 32 years, and they have two daughters, Penya and Pradittha.  In Thailand, there are about 100 churches of Christ with approximately 3,000 believers.  Most of the churches are in the northeast part of the country.  Patinya spends most of his time visiting, teaching and encouraging the churches in this area.  The mission field in Thailand is a stable and constantly growing work.  The fact that Patinya and Penjai are Thais makes them especially useful to God because they know the language, the culture, and the people.  God has prepared them and given them many experiences that have been useful tools in his work with the Thai people.

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Scotland: Patrick Sullivan

Ministry in Dundee is the same as just about anywhere. Seeking to tell the Gospel, love, and serve those around us. The only thing that may occasionally differ is the method to do so. Therefore, my main goal each week is to just tell the story. This gets to happen at our church family meetings of course, but if we limited our telling to simply Sunday, the people of God would never grow here. Coffee shops, homes, the gym, and even McDonald’s end up being places where the story gets told.

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Ghana: Courtney Garland

Harpeth Hills Missions has recently begun a partnership with Courtney Garland, a former Youth Minister at White’s Station Church of Christ in Memphis. Courtney moved to Ghana, Africa in May 2013 where she is now the acting director for the Pearl House, a start-up orphanage for young girls. Find out more about Courtney and the Pearl House on her blog.

Connect:  thepearlhouse.org  |  facebook.com/ThePearlHouseGhana  |  twitter.com/thepearlhouse  |  Video



Argentina: Joel Banks

My work with the Churches of Christ in Buenos Aires is in the area of small groups, personal follow-up, the inter-congregational Bible institute, our website outreach, and Let’s Start Talking. The amount of energy and time spent on these different forms of ministry depends on immediate needs. Read more

Connect:  iglesiadecristo.org.ar  |  ibica.org


New Zealand

New Zealand: Steve Raine

Steve Raine is the Principal of the South Pacific Bible College, a preacher and ministry training organization located in New Zealand that has been operating for more than 25 years. Established in January 1982, SPBC’s purpose is to train nationals, from New Zealand, the South Pacific and other nations in the Word of God, using an integrated focus on Biblical instruction, relevant scholarship, spiritual growth, ministry skills and personal development.  Through this effort, indigenous graduates take the gospel to the lost, establish new churches and help mature existing congregations. Read more

Connect:  spbc.org.nz


Jovenes en Camino


Jovenes en Camino: Annie Brown

Jovenes en Camino (JEC) is a home for abandoned boys in Honduras just outside the city of Tegucigalpa. Annie Brown, a former member of the Youth Group at Harpeth Hills, has been a part of the staff at JEC for over a year now. “…I see this opportunity as my turn. It’s my turn to teach these boys that although things seem rough, and they are, Jesus is walking this road with them. He longs for them to succeed just as we do. Pray fervently for our staff as we try day by day to teach these boys to be like Jesus. Pray for our future, and for the future of these individual boys. We know God has immensely blessed us already, and we only pray that He continues to do so.” -Annie Brown  Follow Annie’s blog.

Connect:  jovenesencamino.org  |  facebook.com/jovenes-en-camino  |  twitter.com/jovenesencamino


Costa Rica

Costa Rica: James & Savanna Millikan

James and Savanna are working to raise up national Christian leaders by giving them a Christian education at La Palabra de Vida School. They also coordinate community service opportunities for their students at La California School, an elementary school in an under-served community. Through these opportunities they hope to teach the importance of service and sacrifice in the Body of Christ.

Follow James and Savanna on their blog.



Guatemala: Jennifer Giesemann

Ever since I began my career as a speech-language pathologist, I knew that God had given me a passion for working with children with special needs. I never realized how much I would love my job in a place like Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala. Every day I am greeted by so many sweet faces giving me hugs galore. I thank God for bringing me out of my comfort zone and surrounding me in a place where I can see him at work so clearly.

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New Zealand

New Zealand: Nick & Rebecca La Spina

My wife, Rebecca, and I currently serve at the Otumoetai Church of Christ in Tauranga, New Zealand. This is a congregation of about 120 people of all ages, and it is a group of people who truly love the Lord and who are striving to serve Him. My specific role at Otumoetai is to do several things: lead the youth ministry (and help equip others to lead), preach up to 12 times per year and I also help plan the direction and material for the teaching and preaching at Otumoetai.  Read more

Connect:  facebook.com/otumoetaichurchofchrist




Argentina: Ashley Musick

In 2014, Ashley relocated from Buenos Aires to Cordoba, Argentina where she currently serves at the Cordoba Church of Christ. Ashley is bilingual and has a lot of experience working with Let’s Start Talking teams. She has been ministering in and around Argentina for three years now. Follow Ashley on her blog.

Connect: Iglesia de Cristo Cordoba  |  facebook.com/lstcordoba




Thailand: Anupong & Penya Kiatpochai

Anupong and Penya, daughter of Patinya Thitathan, graduated from the Bangkok Servant Leadership Institute in 2013. They are now serving with the Tai for the Savior ministry at Ramkhamhaeng Christian Center. Anupong (Benz) has skills and experience in graphic design and web design, while Penya (Prae) has a background in event production. Together, this energetic Christian couple has a desire to put their gifts to work for God’s purpose in Thailand.

Connect:  facebook.com/pages/ramkhamhaeng-christian-center





NationsUniversity operates as a distance learning university or a “school without walls.” Such operations enable NationsUniversity to offer courses around the world with minimal expense. NationsUniversity has offered various degree programs throughout its existence, and now offers to new students one Certificate and three Degree programs. By offering university level education to the poor, the disadvantaged, and the incarcerated, many more have opportunity to know the God revealed in the Bible and claim Jesus as Savior, and thereby become positive examples and leaders in their communities.  Read more

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Australia: Camp Talmid

The vision for Camp Talmid is to help encourage and raise up a generation of Australian youth who fall deeper and deeper in love with Jesus.  Our hope through this discipleship camp is that they will not only be drawn closer to the Father, but also bring others with them.  Read more

Connect:  lipscomb.edu/missions  |  facebook.com/lipscombmissions


Let’s Start Talking


Let’s Start Talking

Since 1980, the Let’s Start Talking Ministry (LST) has been leading Americans overseas into non-English speaking countries and providing them with an effective method for sharing their faith. Since its inception in the home of Mark and Sherrylee Woodward, the ministry has continued to grow because many people want to share the good news abroad but have not had the vehicle. LST is a service ministry. We help Christians do what they already want to do, and we help them do it effectively.  Read more  |  Watch Video

Connect:  lst.org  |  facebook.com/lstfan  |  twitter.com/letstarttalking


African Christian Schools

African Christian Schools

African Christian Schools started when a Bible correspondence track that was originally sent to American GI’s in Europe during World War II, somehow ended up in Nigeria. A Nigerian police officer, C.A.O. Essien, taught himself the way of salvation in the early 1950’s. He wrote to the Lawrence Avenue Church of Christ in Nashville, TN, whose address was on the back of the track, and said “If you send men over to teach us, we will take Africa with the gospel of Christ.” The first missionaries arrived in 1954, and the training schools started in 1956.  Read more

Connect:  africanchristianschools.org |  facebook.com/africanchristianschools |  twitter.com/afrchristian




We highly encourage our church family members to become directly involved in our local mission efforts. Put your gifts to work for His glory. Learn how you can serve in these ministries.

Inner City Ministry


Nashville Inner City Ministry

Each week during the school year, 80-100 children from the inner city of Nashville come to our building from 7-8pm. Volunteers from Harpeth Hills feed them supper, teach them a simple Bible lesson, help develop their talents, and shower them love and encouragement. Volunteers are needed each week in order to make this ministry a success. There many opportunities for service including providing/helping prepare meals, teaching or assisting in classrooms, or becoming a prayer warrior for Inner City.

Connect:  HarpethHills.org/innercity  |  innercityministry.org  |  facebook.com/nashvilleinnercityministry  |  Video



Ethos Church

Ethos is a church located in the heart of downtown Nashville, TN. We exist to Love God, Love People, and Awaken a Movement. Whether you are a devoted follower of Jesus, a skeptic giving this whole church thing a shot, or somewhere in between – you are welcome here. We currently have 5 identical worship gatherings every Sunday at two locations, Cannery Ballroom (9AM, 11AM, 5PM, & 7PM) and Marathon Music Works (10AM) in Downtown Nashville, TN.

Connect:  ethoschurch.org  |  facebook.com/ethos-church  |  twitter.com/ethoschurch


Prison Outreach

Tennessee Prison Outreach Ministry

We share the love and truth of Jesus by bringing freedom and hope to prisoners and their families. The ministry is comprised of over 250 volunteers from Tennessee conducting worship services, Bible classes, and New Life Behavior classes. We operate two transitional houses in Nashville, providing the released offender with support, recovery classes, and mentoring as they make the transition from incarceration to independence. We also operate a summer camp for children of the incarcerated and other at-risk youth.  Read more

Connect:  tnprisonministry.org  |  facebook.com/tennessee-prison-outreach-ministry


Room in the Inn


Room in the Inn

Every year during the winter season, Harpeth Hills opens its doors to provide shelter to our neighbors suffering from homelessness. Each week a team of volunteers will host 14-16 homeless guests for a single night. On Thursday evenings we serve dinner, and provide a safe place to stay for the night. Then on Friday mornings we offer a hot breakfast and a sack lunch for the day ahead. Mingling with our guests during mealtime is a true blessing. We learn their stories and find that we are not so different. All broken, loved by a merciful God.

Volunteer here

Connect:   Alan Hall, Volunteer Coordinator


Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry

Led by Ted and Kathy Clark, the Outreach Ministry meets once a month to organize outreach efforts in our community. Our mission: Creating positive change in others and ourselves as we work in our community to alleviate material and spiritual poverty, so that we all might glorify God. All are welcome.  Read more

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Faith Family Clinic


Faith Family Clinic

Faith Family Medical Clinic seeks to follow the commitment of people of faith to provide hope and medical care for the working uninsured by meeting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. While the landscape of healthcare may change over the next several years, Faith Family remains committed to “filling the need for those in need,” and being a safety net for those who would otherwise fall through the cracks.  Read more

Connect:  faithmedical.org  |  facebook.com/faith-family-medical-clinic  |  twitter.com/faithmedical





AGAPE exists to serve the needs of families and children in Middle Tennessee through adoption, foster care and unplanned pregnancy support services, as well as faith based counseling and psychological services with an unconditional agape love. This year the agency will conduct over 12,000 counseling sessions in seventeen locations across the region, and at any given time will be serving fifteen to twenty families through adoption, foster care and maternity support.  Read more

Connect:  agapenashville.org  |  facebook.com/agapenashvilletn  |  twitter.com/agapenashville


Lipscomb University


Lipscomb University Missions

Lipscomb Missions exists to recruit, train and send out short-term mission teams, equipping our community with a hands-on understanding of God’s worldwide mission and challenging us all to join in, no matter what our studies, talents or careers might be. Our missions staff and team leaders spend countless hours encouraging and equipping more than 700 servants each year, who spread the love of God through nearly 50 different mission opportunities around the world.
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Connect:  lipscomb.edu/missions  |  facebook.com/lipscombmissions  |  twitter.com/missionsLU




GraceWorks Ministries

GraceWorks is a Christian-based nonprofit in Franklin, TN that provides basic needs to help people in Williamson County move past a point of crisis. The GraceWorks organization is composed of approximately 50-55 local partner churches in Williamson County. Their mission statement: “United by a common loyalty to Jesus Christ, GraceWorks is dedicated to sharing the hope and grace of God by helping our neighbors in need.” Their facility in Franklin houses a substantial food pantry and thrift store, as well as their client services office where they provide personal and financial counseling.  Read more

Connect:  graceworksministries.net  |  facebook.com/graceworksministries  |  twitter.com/graceworkstn


Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

Leaving the Cocoon

Leaving the Cocoon

Vicki Harvey-Helgesen began going into prisons with the Federal Outreach Ministry in 2003. “I saw how the women were coming back in like a revolving door, and my mentor, Helen Cox, said ‘These women need Christian mentors.’ So I started mentoring, and the ladies I mentored didn’t go back to prison. My husband Bob and I were spending our own money to help set up these women once they were released from prison. We couldn’t afford to continue to help financially, so a 501(c)(3) was set up in 2007 to help the women. We now have over 100 volunteers who mentor, cook, conduct Bible studies, and teach life skills at the TN Prison for Women.”  -Vicki  Read more

Connect:  leavingthecocoon.net  |  info@leavingthecocoon.net


Youth Encouragement Services

Youth Encouragement Services

Youth Encouragement Services (Y.E.S.) provides after-school and summer programs for underprivileged children in Nashville. We provide tutoring and homework help, bible lessons and a summer bible camp, computer labs and college scholarships, a safe place to play off the streets, and staff and volunteers who love them. Our goal is to help at risk youth succeed in school, in life, and in faith.  Read more  |   Sponsor a child

Connect:  youthencouragement.org  |  facebook.com/youth-encouragement-services



Member Mission Trips

We offer spiritual encouragement and monetary support to our members who are called to short-term missions where they can not only serve those in need, but encourage and commune with fellow Christians all over the world. Many members at Harpeth Hills are personally involved in various mission works all over the world. Find their stories here.

Tornado Relief – Moore, OK


Austin Richardson & Tyler Kendrick: Moore, OK, June 2013

Austin and Tyler spent June 10-13 in Oklahoma providing assistance to victims of the May 2013 EF5 Moore tornado. They worked with a group called Disaster Assistance COC along with the Central Church of Christ in Moore to gain their daily assignments. Their tasks ranged from sorting through debris to retrieve photos, jewelry, and other keepsakes buried beneath the remains of victims’ homes, to loading a trailer full of debris from a flattened horse barn. They also spent time organizing supplies for tornado victims at the local Church of Christ. Austin noted that, “any subsequent teams sent to Moore should bring construction type equipment to help with repairs and rebuilding…We greatly appreciate Harpeth Hills helping support our transportation costs to go on this trip. We definitely feel very blessed to be a part of a congregation that puts such a high emphasis on missions.”

See Austin’s full testimony here.  Contact Disaster Assistance COC to find out how you can help.


LiveBeyond – Haiti


LiveBeyond: Haiti, June 2013

In June, several members of our church family traveled with LiveBeyond to Thomazeau, Haiti on a medical mission trip. Harpeth Hills members Trent & Joanna Latta, Jim & Laura Blue, Charlotte English, Tracie Hamilton, and Morris & Cheryl Reed met up with David & Laurie Vanderpool, who are already living in Haiti full time. The group first visited the Children of Hope Orphanage, supported by LiveBeyond. They worshipped with the children, took them swimming, and spent time loving on them. The team held medical clinics in the Thomazeau area where doctors and nurses attended to patients while other team members treated scabies, ringworm, fungus, sunburns, wounds, etc. Members of the group also served in the LiveBeyond maternal health clinic by weighing expectant mothers, taking blood pressure, checking fetal movement, and handing out prenatal vitamins and food.  Read more


Jensen – Mexico


Gary Jensen: Mexico, March 2013

In March, Gary Jensen visited an orphanage called Casa Hogar Emmanuel in Naco, Mexico, a poverty-stricken border town two hours southeast of Tucson. The Mexican authorities had recently inspected the orphanage, and deemed it unfit for the number of children housed there. As a result, half of the children were displaced.  But during the first week of March, twelve people from four churches performed major renovations to help remedy the situation at orphanage. The work included demolition, new wiring and drywall, installation of new hot water heaters, new windows, ceiling insulation, fluorescent lights, bunk beds, and more. The renovation needs at Casa Hogar Emmanuel are still great, but they are now on the way to having a “new” dormitory to house an additional 20-25 orphans.


Thetford – Honduras


Keith & Kim Thetford: Honduras, March 2013

The Thetford’s recently returned from leading a mission team of 55 to Honduras. Included on the team were Harpeth Hills members David, Lisa and Casey Flow; John, Kim, Lawren, Katherine and John Thompson; Henry, Amy, Jackson, Grant and Tate Cho; and Keith, Kim and Adam Thetford. The group built two houses, packed and distributed 120 food bags, handed out numerous clothes and shoes, visited a Children’s Hospital and an orphanage of girls, and fed 200+ people at the city dump. Then the team spent two days at Jovenes en Camino (JEC) hosting an Easter egg hunt, worshiping on Sunday, building a new gift shop, painting classrooms at the school where most of the boys attend, playing soccer, and just loving on the JEC boys. “There were many stories, but one statement from one of our evening devotionals will always stick with me: ‘Most people come back from spring break saying they are coming back TO reality, but we were coming back FROM reality.” – Kim Thetford

More photos here