Ukrainian Aid Distribution

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Because of your generosity, we were able to distribute $75,000 this month to organizations aiding the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

Bibijski Institute – Zagreb, Croatia
Located in nearby Croatia, the faculty and students of the Bibijski Institute have welcomed three families and ten orphans. Their distribution will help to pay for medical expenses for the refugees and for their rent in Croatia.


Church of Christ in Sopot, Poland
Since 1991, Molly Dawidow and her late husband have ministered to the Sopot, Poland community. In the wake of the war in Ukraine, the Sopot church has provided emergency food and shelter for refugees along with financial support for resettlement.

Ukrainian Missions – Dalraida Church of Christ
The Ukrainian Missions program through Dalraida Church of Christ has coordinated eighty-seven shipments of aid to Ukraine since in Februray. Funds from Harpeth Hills will go to pruchasing humanitarian aid buckets and to pay for shipping fees of donated goods.


Eastern European Missions
Eastern European Missions (EEM) is providing aid to refugees and individuals still in Ukraine. In addition to their humanitarian aid, EEM has provided tens of thousands of Ukrainian Bibles since the beginning of the war.

Healing Hands International
Healing Hands has provided over 9,000 relief buckets to those still living in Ukraine. Additionally, Healing Hands operates vans that transports refugees out of Ukraine to safety in neighboring countries.