Life Group Discussion Guide for October 16, 2022

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Life in the Lion’s Den: A Study of 1 Peter 


Life as Exiles: Before Unbelievers 

1 Peter 2:9-17 



Christians scattered throughout a pagan region (Asia Minor/ Turkey) have a special responsibility among “the pagans” to live such arresting and pure lives that an unbeliever could not but see their good deeds and glorify God.   


Dinner Table Questions 

John Mark Comer in his book “Live no Lies” introduces a prayer from the Book of Common Prayer 

“From all the deceits of the world, the flesh and the devil, Lord deliver us.” 

Reversing the order of that prayer, Comer says that… 

Deceptive Ideas (the Devil) lead to… 

Disordered Desires (the Flesh) which lead to… 

Sinful Society (the World) 

 Do you think he is right about that?  If so, where do you see that happening either personally or in the world around you? 


Open Bible Questions 

Read 1 Peter 2:9-17 together. 

  • How does Comer’s idea above seem to resonate with what many believe to be the heart of Peter’s letter in 1 Peter 2:9-12?   
  • Where do you see the idea of “deceptive ideas” vs truth in these verses? 
  • Where do you see the idea of “disordered desires” in these verses? 
  • What does Peter have to say about how we ought to interact with and for “sinful society?” 
  • In 2:13 Peter uses the word “submit” for the first time, of what will be several times going forward, to describe our posture toward those around us beginning with those who have the most power.  What do you think he means by that word “submit?” 


Monday Morning Questions 

  • What does it look like to “submit” to every human authority when we live in a democratic society rather than under a ruthless dictator like Nero? 


  • Why does Peter specifically say that we ought to live in submission to every authority “for the Lord’s sake?”  How might this submission be “for the Lord’s sake?”  


  • How does what Peter writes in verse 15 potentially fill in that picture? 


Prayer:  “From all the deceits of the world, the flesh and the devil, Lord deliver us.”