Day 24 / Luke 14:25-33
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By Julie and Jason Orr

If I’m being honest, verses like this confuse me. It’s hard to comprehend reading Jesus use the word “hate” in these verses, especially when he is referring to your father, mother, wife, children, family and even our own self. Jesus is wanting us to understand the significance of being his disciple. To be a disciple, it comes at a a cost. We weigh the costs of our decisions daily but are we putting Christ at the forefront of all those decisions? Being a disciple of Christ is not something that will be easy, but if we follow Him, He is worth it. Jesus wants us to be “all in” when we follow him.

Jesus wants us to love Him and follow Him more than we love our family, friends, career or life. He wants us to lay it all down for Him. He wants us to understand that we cannot be a disciple by only giving half of ourselves. We have to surrender fully to Him and know that He will provide.