Epistle of James: Summary & Review
Rubel Shelly   -  


Rubel Shelly, teacher

The Epistle of James

1. Take a few minutes to look over the personal outline Rubel has used in working through the Epistle of James in this video series. It divides the letter into personal and community counsel. Do you see the point of reading the letter that way? Does the outline help you see the thematic nature of this short letter more clearly?

Greeting (1:1)

Personal Christian Maturity

How to view life’s trials (1:2-12)

Discerning good and evil (1:13-27)

Life in Christian Community

No favoritism! (2:1-13)

No formalism! (2:14-26)

No out-of-control tongues! (3:1-12)

Live in godly wisdom (3:13-18)

This world is not your home (4:1-10)

Beware of jealousy and judgment (4:11-17)

Wealth is dangerous (5:1-6)

Be patient in your sufferings (5:7-11)

Be people of prayer (5:12-18)

Finally, take care of one another (5:19-20)

d2. What has been the most helpful insight to you from the study of James? How has it made a positive difference for you?

3. Has there been any point of significant challenge or rebuke you have sensed from reading this epistle? If so, how have you responded?

4. This overview of the epistle called attention to the many parallels between James and the Sermon on the Mount. Had you noticed this before it was pointed out in this video?

5. How might Matthew 7:24-27 be used as a summary for James’ letter?

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