Know Your Limits: Time
Jason Pagel   -  

Fused Sermon Series
Jason Pagel, preaching

We have become a people who worship the god of efficiency. We say that we hate to waste time. And yet if you look at the way we actually spend our time…. How much time do we spend scrolling for example? but we tell the truth when we use the phrase “spending time.” Time is a limited commodity that we spend. There are only so many hours in the day, only so many days in the week, only so many years of our lives. We’ve got precious few moments to spend. Sometimes we take that for granted. Just as often we try to overschedule our time in an effort “get more done.” When it comes to time, we blow the fuse of our faith when we exceed or fail to notice our limits. Things work better when we know where our limited years are headed and why we have been given this gift of time.

Anchor Texts: James 4:13-17; 5:7-11 and Matthew 6:25-34