Reflection on John 18 & 19
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Written by Gail Powell

As I have read these two chapters multiple times, it seems impossible to write all of my thoughts, as I have different ones each time I read. But, what I come back to repeatedly is the question from Jesus in John 18:4 and 18:7, “Who is it you want?” Both times those who came to arrest him replied, “Jesus of Nazareth.” Jesus said, “I am He.” He boldly declared his divinity. It begs the question, who is it that I want? Who is it that you want? Jesus of Nazareth. Even those who sought to kill him stated that they “wanted” him. And, Peter, one of his closest, denied him three times. It causes me to ponder, do I deny Him? Do I outwardly, fully claim Him, want Him?

My study Bible stated that, “The disciples would undergo severe testing before they transformed from hesitant followers to dynamic leaders.” Wow, I don’t want to be a hesitant follower and I do want to be a dynamic leader. What does it take? My husband, Ben, reminds me often that we need to boldly state what we believe, not just once in our lives. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, my savior and redeemer.