Walking the Walk of Faith
Rubel Shelly   -  

Lesson 5: Walking the Walk of Faith
Series: How Faith Works
Rubel Shelly, teacher
Text for This Study: James 2:14-26

1. Rubel calls these verses are the “beating heart” of the Epistle of James. Why do you think he describes them this way? Do you agree?

2. What is James’ first illustration (vs.14-16) of how faith apart from action is worthless? James must have had a sense of humor and surely intended for his readers to laugh at such a ridiculous scene.

3. Why is Abraham’s experience cited as an example of how faith works? Was his faith without its flaws? Do you understand the video’s reference to
direction versus per-fection with regard to faith? Does this give you some encouragement about your own faith?

4. Do you have a sense of shock that Rahab is James’ next example of faith in action? Who was Rahab? When and how does she enter the biblical story?

5. Martin Luther had problems with this section of James and thought it compromised the doctrine of justification by grace through faith. Why do you think this text troubled him? How would you reply to his concern?

Dallas Willard once wrote: “People need to see that action is a receptacle for grace, not a substitute for it. Grace is God acting in our lives to do things we can’t do on our own. Grace is not opposed to effort; it’s opposed to earning.” How might this insight have helped Martin Luther? How can it help you in the week ahead?