Was Blind But Now I See!
Rubel Shelly   -  

Series: In Person: A Tangible God in a Virtual World
Rubel Shelly, preaching

He certainly didn’t have it all figured out. First someone is rubbing their spit in his face and then suddenly he is doing what had seemed impossible to him from the moment he had been born…he was seeing. He opened his eyes and a world that only existed in his mind based on the descriptions of others was now taking shape in vivid detail and color. But that didn’t make him an expert. “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!” There is a reason that the blind man’s phrase is one of the most memorable lines of John Newton’s famous hymn. Those words don’t just belong to an unnamed blind man, they are our words. The words of all those who have made the blind man’s confession…“Lord, I believe.”

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