Easter Sunday at Harpeth Hills

April 9

8:30am  |  A cappella Worship – Auditorium

10am  |  A cappella Worship – Auditorium

10:45am  |  Instrumental Worship – Gym


“Peace be with you.”

It was a simple greeting. One they had no doubt heard so many times before, but not like this. Familiar words startled and frightened them because they were spoken by someone they had watched die.

Jesus resolutely entered Jerusalem and it had played out exactly as he had predicted…rejected, handed over, killed. They witnessed it all.

But now they were rapidly and shockingly becoming witnesses of something else. On the third day…Jesus resolutely conquered death.

Why are you troubled and why do doubts rise in your minds?

Those words aren’t just reserved for the disciples in the presence of a risen Jesus. They are words for us today in the presence of the same.

Easter is a reminder. When a risen LORD says, “Peace be with you” you have every reason to believe him…resolutely.

Three worship gatherings.  A tent out in the parking lot all morning with coffee, snacks, pictures, and fellowship. Food, family, friends, and a focus on the One who was resolute so that we can live resolutely.

“Peace be with you.”    

See you on Easter!