New Bible Classes Begin

March 19 9:45 am

Sundays • 9:45am
 March 19 – May 21

No Classes April 2 (Palm Sunday) or April 9 (Easter)

Intergenerational Classes
All ages and stages of life are welcome.

Community Room 3&4
Women Who Shaped the History of Messiah (Stan Smith)
In every story, in every triumph, there are women called to show the power and grace of God. We are blessed when we know and share their stories that remind us of all that matters in life and love.

Room 212
How the Doctrine of the Trinity Keeps the Christian Life on Track (Leonard Allen)
In the early church the Trinitarian vision of God was central for Christian identity, worship, and spiritual life. For many Christians today, however, the Trinity is viewed as unreasonable and impractical. What exactly is the doctrine of the Trinity and why is it so central to the Christian faith? And how does it serve to keep the Christian life on track?

Room 214
First Freedoms (Matt & Kimberly McCall)
Drawing from the study, “First Freedoms” by Jennifer Barnett, this class discusses fundamental prayer tools that encourage a close, sincere, and ongoing relationship with God. The study promotes a greater understanding of God’s heart for freedom and one’s walk as a Spirit-led, mature follower of Jesus.

Room 206 (Three-week series)
Going Deeper in Community (Becca Smith)
The Connections Ministry will host three classes open to anyone including guests, new members, or members who have been attending Harpeth Hills for decades. Each class is designed to share specific opportunities and steps to find rich fellowship and deep belonging with others at Harpeth Hills and beyond. The class will meet only on the dates listed below.
April 16 – Going Deeper: Our City & World
April 23 – Going Deeper: Each Other
April 30 – Going Deeper: God

Special Focus Classes
All are welcome, but content is geared toward specific age, gender, or stage of life.

Women’s Class, Tea Room
(Rita Solomon & Gail Powell)
This class is for women of all ages and walks of life. Together we will study the book of James, a book filled with practical matters related to the believer’s walk.

Men’s Class, Library
A Study of Selected Psalms (Ben Powell & Nick Tenpenny)
Men of all ages are invited to be a part of this class. Selected Psalms are studied and discussed in a relational, prayerful setting.

College Class, Room 205
Stuart & Melissa Fraser and Deron & Becca Smith
Continuing study from the winter quarter.

Young Professionals, Room 208
Practicing the Way (Hayden Parrish)
This class aims to create a community of young adults and young professionals who want to journey together to learn to practice the way of Jesus in our contexts – how to be with Jesus, become like Him and do what He did.

Young Couples, Room 210
Apprentices of a Jewish Rabbi (Monty Joseph)
If we study the Bible more in its ancient Jewish context and observe Jesus interacting with His disciples as a Jewish rabbi would have, we might find it will take us from not only having faith in Jesus but also learning how to live out the faith of Jesus.

Young Families, Community Room 1&2
The Cycle of Grace – Living in Sacred Balance (Ben Baker)
Do you experience pressures, overwhelming demands, or burnout? Let’s study the rhythms of peace and purposeful living that Jesus himself demonstrated throughout the Gospels.

Families with Teens, Room 215
Really Real – A Fresh Encounter with Stories in Scripture (Jennifer Pagel)
They are familiar and cherished passages, even life-changing in the lessons they’ve taught us. But perhaps there’s even more God wants to give us if we open our hearts and minds to a new way to engage them. Come willing to prayerfully and imaginatively seek deeper truths as we walk alongside these very real people, living very real lives, who are transformed by a very real God.

SALT (Single Adults Living Truth), Room 209
The Chosen (class led)
Viewing and discussing episodes from “The Chosen” series about Jesus and his disciples. Class times are expected to run a little longer than is typical.

Wednesdays• 6:30pm
March 22- May 17

April 5 – Special Passover Meal Gathering (no classes)


Intergenerational, Room 210
Jesus and the Law (Jeff Hammond)
This class will examine the passages from the Gospels where Jesus interacts with law and experts in the law as well as study Jesus’ six religious and civil trials before his crucifixion.

Intergenerational, Room 212
Ephesians (Mac Lynn)
A study of Ephesians promises to be an exciting venture with the apostle Paul as he contends with first century believers about the life we are all called to live. The class will challenge modern intrusions that aim to wreck a believer’s faith and set forward the glorious path to eternal life.

Intergenerational, Room 215
Spiritual Practices (Phil & Melissa Roe)
Exploring a variety of spiritual exercises to draw us into a deeper relationship with God and increased recognition of the Spirits work in our lives. (This class will begin on March 29th.)

SALT (Single Adults Living Truth), Room 209
When Bad Things Happen to Good People (class led)
Using the book by Harold Kushner as a guide, this class will be discussing life’s most difficult question: Why do bad things happen to good people?