Life Groups

Our church family is a mix of traditional and modern, young and old, rich and poor. We call ourselves a “five generation church,” meaning that our membership includes people from all five living generations. Life Groups are just one way we join together in close community, advancing God's kingdom together. Groups meet September through May, and you can join at any time!

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2022-2023 Life Groups

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If you are staying in the same group as last year, there is no need to register.

Of our 20+ Life Groups, listed below are those that have remaining availability. If you don't see the group you're looking for or one that meets your needs, please use the 'Questions' box at the end of the form to let us know.

All groups meet on Sunday unless otherwise noted. Time and method of meeting are listed if known. The neighborhoods and cities in parentheses represent the location(s) of group meetings.

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INTERGENERATIONAL WITH CHILDREN (childcare varies by group)

Charlie & Kat Blackwood (twice/month; evenings at homes; Brentwood) Open

Dana & Lacy Janssen (twice/month; evenings at homes and church; Brentwood) 4 remaining.

Will & Melissa Logue / Jake & Danielle Duke (weekly; evenings at homes & church; Brentwood, Franklin) Open

Brian & Pam Perez (monthly; after morning worship service at homes and restaurants; Brentwood) 4 remaining.

INTERGENERATIONAL (no childcare provided)

David & Donna Ackerman (twice/month; 5:30pm at homes; Franklin, Green Hills) 6 remaining.

Ernie & Arjaree Clevenger (once/month; 5:30pm at homes; Brentwood) Open

Jim & Cindy Webb (twice/month; evenings at homes; Brentwood, Grassland) 4 remaining.

ADULT (no childcare)

Haley Blankenship / Morgan Ellison (monthly; evening at homes, church, or restaurants; Brentwood, Cool Springs, Franklin) [mostly 20 somethings]

Carter & Vickie Brown / Terry & Cary Sawyer (twice/month; 5 or 6pm at the church) 4 remaining.

Larry & Cindi Christian / Ted & Kathy Clark (weekly; early evening at homes; Bellevue, Fairview, Grassland) 2 remaining.

Randy & Nancy Cornwell (twice/month; 5pm at homes; Green Hills) 6 remaining.

Ladies Life Group led by Betty Crouch & Jane Travis (quarterly; Saturdays at restaurants) [mostly 50yrs+ but open to all ages] Open

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