Seeking a Clearer Vision of God’s Will

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Seeking a Clearer Vision of God’s Will

Sometimes We Need a Second Touch

“Do you still not see or understand? Are your hearts hardened?” (Mark 8:17b).


The healing of a blind man at Bethsaida is a unique narrative in the Gospel of Mark. Found at Mark 8:22-25, it tells of a two-stage healing. There is no other case in the Gospels like it. Mark clearly used it to make an important point about the experience Jesus was having with the disciples at that point in his ministry. Have you ever been puzzled about it? Do you recall anyone’s explanation of it that you may have heard? How had you explained it?


The key to every biblical text is its context (i.e., setting, author’s use). When these verses are read in relation to events immediately before and after, Mark’s use jumps off the page.

· What had Jesus said about “eyes” and “seeing” at 8:14-21?

· What does Peter not “see” in the events immediately after this miracle at 8:27-33?

· Create a sentence or two to illustrate how we commonly use “seeing” as a figurative way of saying that we understand, grasp, or perceive the meaning of something.

Can you recall a time when you experienced a “second touch” of insight into the meaning of some important biblical teaching? A “second touch” of help via a friend or family member? A “second touch” of spiritual renewal from God’s kindness?

What “fuzzy understandings” of Jesus’ identity and mission were still in the minds of Peter and others at this point in the Gospel of Mark? Even after his resurrection? (See Acts 1:6)

Read John 16:12-15. What was Jesus attempting to teach his followers about humility and their willingness to grow in understanding?

Can you think of other examples where the New Testament shows individual Christians and whole churches receiving fresh insights and fuller understanding of the gospel message?

“Scripture is a final and fixed revelation from God, but our interpretations and applications of biblical truth will always need to be open to clarification and improvement.” Do you agree?


Close your study by praying for God to grant you, our church family, and all believers an ever-clearer vision of how to honor him in our spiritual life.

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