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May 15, 2020 –

Dear Harpeth Hills Counseling Center Clients,

This has been such an unusual and challenging season for many of us. Several of you have chosen to participate in telehealth sessions, and others of you have decided to take a break from therapy until the office is opened for face-to-face sessions.

Both are perfectly acceptable choices.  However, we are now ready to open our offices while continuing to be available for telehealth sessions.  We want to be respectful of everyone’s desire to remain healthy, and to that end, we have developed the following guidelines which will be followed for two weeks. At the end of two weeks,  we will evaluate and make adjustments as they seem warranted. So, here we go:

  • Starting Monday, May 18, the office will be open for live or online sessions from 9am through 6pm, Monday through Thursday.
  • Norma, our receptionist, will wear a mask, as will the therapists when they greet you.  You and your therapist may decide whether to wear masks once you enter the therapist’s office.
  • An external thermometer will be available as you enter the Counseling Center suite of offices.  Please take your own temperature. If your temperature exceeds 100.4, please reschedule your appointment for a later date.
  • A hand sanitizer station is available outside the Counseling Center suite of offices.
  • The door leading into the Counseling Center will remain open during business hours.
  • The waiting room will be available for one person or couple at a time. When you arrive if someone is in the waiting room, please have a seat in the hall outside the Counseling Center.
  • If you prefer to schedule appointments and make payment without personal contact with the receptionist, please call her before or after your appointment to take care of those matters.
  • We will have a thorough cleaning of the office on a regular basis, and our receptionist will be wiping down hard surfaces throughout the day.

I realize these are inconveniences for everyone; but we do value the health and wellbeing of anyone. Thank you in advance for your consideration of these guidelines. We will let you know as we modify and update these standards.


Jim Anderson PhD
Harpeth Hills Counseling Director

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The staff of the Harpeth Hills Counseling Center takes seriously the opportunity and responsibility involved in consulting with people who are hurting from personal or relationship concerns. In addition to their professional training, therapists work from a faith foundation which honors God and His creation. Efforts are made to create a safe place for people of various religious and philosophical perspectives to address whatever issues cause them pain.


The counseling services are offered to the Harpeth Hills Church as well as the community at large. While individual therapy is provided for matters such as anxiety or depression, a major focus for the Center is that of “relationships”. This includes preparation for marriage, marital therapy, divorce adjustment, stepfamily adjustment and parent-child relationships.

In addition, one therapist (Anderson) is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and is available to help those who are struggling with sexual addiction. Two of the therapists (Anderson, and Ribeiro) are trained to use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) to help those who are recovering from trauma or abuse. 


Confidentiality is of utmost importance to the entire Counseling Center staff. Great care is exercised to insure the privacy of those seeking help.


All services are provided in the private suite of counseling offices located on the east side of Harpeth Hills Church of Christ in Brentwood, Tennessee.


The Counseling Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8am–5:30pm. Schedule appointments by calling 615.690.4661. If appointments need to be cancelled clients are asked to call 24 hours prior to their scheduled time to make the necessary changes and to avoid being asked to pay a $45 fee for the missed appointment.

Since the Harpeth Hills Counseling Center is a ministry, we do not charge the customary $95-$200 per session.  The fee is $85 per 50 minute session. Clients may file for insurance reimbursement for their sessions if they have insurance that covers therapy. Harpeth Hills members who have a need may apply for financial assistance to help pay for their therapy.


Jim Anderson, Phd – Director of Counseling

Jim Anderson, PhD, serves as the director of the Harpeth Hills Counseling Center. His doctorate is from Texas Tech University and his Master of Divinity is from Abilene Christian University.  He is licensed as a Marital and Family Therapist in Tennessee; and he is trained in EMDR and as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. He also works with codependency and issues involving family of origin.  He and his wife, Kathy, lead A New Beginning Workshop for couples who are in marital crisis.

Email Jim • 615.373.0601 x.114 or 615.690.4661


John F. Kennedy, Phd, LMFT

Dr. John Kennedy received the Master of Arts in Counseling from Harding School of Theology in 2007 and the Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision from Regent University in 2011. He has received training in EMDR for trauma therapy. John is a counselor educator, AAMFT-Approved Supervisor, and a National Certified Counselor (NCC). John has worked with churches in particular, providing a broad spectrum of counseling services to individuals, families, and groups. He currently serves the Bellevue church of Christ as their Counseling Minister. John and his wife Rose worship with the Mt. Juliet church of Christ.

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Vanessa Ribeiro, LPC-MHSP

Vanessa earned a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling degree from Freed-Hardeman University in 2006. She has worked with people from many different backgrounds facing a variety of difficulties. She is trained in EMDR and serves people who have a history of childhood trauma, single-event trauma, depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, and relationship issues. Vanessa was born and raised in Brazil. She moved to the US in 2001. Vanessa is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish and provides therapy in these languages as well. Vanessa and her family are a part of the Ethos church.

Email Vanessa


Helen Newton, MMFT

Helen Newton earned her Master of Marriage and Family Therapy from Trevecca University in 2015. She has been certified in Prepare/Enrich training for couples. She has completed the EFT externship for individuals and couples and is seeking licensure in Tennessee. Helen has experience working with adults and teens struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions and self-discovery. She has also worked with couples experiencing trust issues and/or negative communication patterns. Helen worships at West End Community Church and enjoys visiting other church communities.

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An 13-week series of support groups and video seminars conducted by people who understand the pain of divorce. For anyone who is separated or divorced, it is non-denominational and features biblical teaching and recovery from divorce and separation.

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Financial Peace

Nashville’s popular financial educator, Dave Ramsey, has expanded his ability to help people through his 12-week video-based workshop. This is an informative, entertaining, hands on way to make significant changes in your family finances. Contact Kim Hill (615.690.4661) for more information.

Preparation For Marriage

Plan for more than the wedding. Prepare for a marriage in this 6-week series of classes for those who are dating seriously or engaged. This class qualifies participants for a discount on their marriage license in Tennessee. There is no charge for this class. It is a gift to couples from the Harpeth Hills church.  Contact Kim Hill (615.690.4661) for more information.

A New Beginning

A turn-around weekend designed to help marriages that are in crisis and couples considering divorce. It is a Family Dynamics Seminar facilitated at the Harpeth Hills building. More information is available at or 615.627.0751.