Life Group Discussion Guide for October 9, 2022

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Life in the Lion’s Den: A Study of 1 Peter


In God We Trust


Apply for a new Tennessee license plate and you’ll be asked whether you want those four words printed on it or not. It’s easy to get caught up in the debate that surrounds those words. But the critical question is not whether you ought to display them publicly as you drive around town. The critical question for followers of Jesus is, are those words true…of you…of us?

“…when Daniel was lifted from the den, no wound was found on him, because he had trusted in his God.” If Daniel was anything like his three friends who were thrown into a fire, the second part of that sentence would have been true even if the first part had not been. In fact, the truth of that statement is what had Daniel in a lion’s den in the first place. And the decision about whether those words were true of him was made long before King Darius issued a decree.

Dinner Table Questions

When was the last time your trust in God was tested?

It likely was not as extreme as the threat of a lion’s den but still your found yourself evaluating what you really believe about God?

Open Bible Questions

Read 1 Peter 2:11-12 together.

(You might read it more than once and in more than one translation).

– Is there someone that you know (or know of) who has shown you what some part of this looks like in action?

– What do you find to be the most difficult or unnerving about these two verses?

Read Daniel 6 together.

– The story is likely a familiar one. What did you notice this time that you had not noticed before?

– In what ways does the story told of Daniel in the lion’s den connect with the admonition given by Peter in 1 Peter 2:11-12?

Monday Morning Questions

Daniel 6 includes two decrees written by King Darius. The first (6:6-9) he was coerced to write. The second (6:26-27) he was compelled to write.

– Consider the two side by side. What a reversal. How did that happen?

– What do we take from that? How might that impact our Monday morning?

Read Daniel 6:10 and consider the words “…just as he had done before.” Daniel didn’t start praying to God on the day that a decree was issued outlawing prayer, he kept praying to God on that day. It was already his habit. He also didn’t start trusting God that day, he continued trusting God that day.

– What do you take from that? What will you do about it?

Prayer: Father, you alone can rescue and save. You alone can be trusted with all that we are and with all that we have and with all that we will be. We pray as Daniel prayed, Lord help us.