A Tangible God in a Virtual World

Why do sixty-thousand people brave the sleet and snow to sit in a frigid stadium when they could watch the game on television?

Why do nearly six million people every year travel to Arizona to stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon when a simple internet search will flood your screen with pictures?

Why, with gas prices soaring and a new Covid variant surging, did over a hundred million people travel to see family and friends during the 2021 holidays when they could have had the gifts shipped and shared a video call from the safety and comfort of their own home?

We all know the longing…to be there, to be a part, to be with… In a world that is rapidly moving toward the virtual we still need experiences that are tangible.

John tells the story of coming face to face with a God who was not content to love at a distance. A God who is not just an ethereal idea to be wrestled with but an authentic person to be encountered.

Ever wonder what God is like?
Jesus of Nazareth is heaven’s answer.
He is the Word become flesh.

He is God in-person.